Last updated: 2015-09-16

[Lecture] Combining language and culture in Australian Studies, 22 Sep.

Topic: Combining language and culture in Australian Studies

Speaker: Dr Roslyn Appleby, University of Technology Sydney

Time: 10:00 am, 22 September 2015
Venue: Room 301, School of Foreign Languages

School of Foreign Languages, Sun Yat-sen University
Centre for Australian Studies, Sun Yat-sen University

Abstract: This presentation will provide an overview of the Australian Language and Culture Studies (ALCS) program at the University of Technology Sydney. The ALCS program is offered to students from non-English speaking backgrounds and combines academic English language learning with content focusing on aspects of Australian culture. Content studies include investigations of Australian media (film and television); visual and performing arts; sustainability and environment; and workplace cultures. The language studies aspect of the program aims to develop students’ academic literacies and to enhance their understanding of, and engagement with, academic research. To demonstrate the ways in which language and culture studies are combined in this program, I will describe a module from the sustainability and environment subject in which students examine the use of language in various media to report on the incidence of shark attacks in Australia.