Last updated: 2015-07-10

Blue Book of Oceania: Annual Report on Development of Oceania (2012-2013)

大洋洲蓝皮书: 大洋洲发展报告(2012-2013)
Editor-in-Chief: Wei Minghai
Associate Editor: Yu Changsen
Social Sciences Academic Press (China)
July 2013
Affected by traditional as well as realistic factors, there occurred a diversity of political changes, even conflicts, in the Oceania countries in 2012. There was a coup in Papua New Guinea; New Zealand held a general election and a new governmental administration came into power. At the same time, the internal power struggle of the Australian Labor Party became apparent. In the slow process of the global economic recovery, the Oceania countries have restored economic growth to a certain extent, but the overall development of them has significant differences. Australian economics has been growing in the past 21 years, with a growth rate of 3.1% in 2012, which is the highest since 2007. New Zealand economy is is relatively weaker, whose GDP growth rate lies in 1.4% in 2011. Meanwhile, the Oceania Islands countries remain backward. Most of them are faced with tight finances and hope to obtain international financial aid and economic support. The diplomatic activities of the Oceania countries were very dynamic. The Pacific Islands Forum countries to blossom; The US-Australia alliance was further deepend; Australia had achieved the seat of nonpermanent member of the UN Security Council; Australian government releases the white paper Australia in the Asian Century, whihch highlights the policy of returning of Asia. And for the first time, New Zealand government officially released The NZ Inc China Strategy, indicating the goals of its relationship with China in the coming three years. And in the same year, China continues to enhance the relationship with the Oceania countries. The year 2012 marked the fortieth anniversary of China-Australia and China-New Zealand diplomatic relations, and all three countries held a series of magnificent commemorative activities. Focusing on the hotspot issues that happened in 2012, we also provide the readers some deep analysis reports about internal politics and foreign policies as well as economic development of Oceania countries.