Last updated: 2015-07-10

Blue Book of Oceania: Annual Report on Development of Oceania (2013-2014)

大洋洲蓝皮书: 大洋洲发展报告(2013-2014)
Editor-in-Chief: Yu Changsen
Associate Editors: Chang Chenguang &
Wang Xuedong
Social Sciences Academic Press (China)
August 2014
Generally the countries in Oceania experienced a stable development during the past year. In domestic politics, the most significant event was the Australia Commonwealth Election: the Liberal-National Coalition witnessed an overwhelming triumph in the election in September. Tony Abbott soon organized a coalition cabinet and turned to a conservative agenda. In New Zealand, although the election will be held in September, the political parties have already been actively warmed up. In economic aspect, most countries were in controllable situation. However eagerly looking for international assistance, in both economic and technical, most Pacific Island countries still suffered from weak industrial development and fragile financial problems. Some countries including Papua New Guinea (PNG), Solomon Islands and Tonga were facing long term depression and even crisis. Nevertheless there was still an exciting case: Vanuatu was moved out of the list of "Least Developed Countries" by UN. In the year of 2013-2014, there are few emergent security issues in this region while PNG's public security was deteriorating and may cause new turmoil threatening regional safety. In international relations, it is notable that both bilateral and multiple-interactions were fast growing in the region and more leading countries were involved in. Fiji held the first Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) while South Korea and Japan also showed their strong interest in fastening regional cooperation. In all this activities, China again showed its significant role and went on changing the traditional framework. For example, in the first half year of 2013, China firstly outstripped Australia and became the largest export target of New Zealand. In the late half of that year, the second China-Pacific Island Countries Economic Development & Cooperation Forum was held in Guangzhou. Moreover the political interaction was also intensified during the past year and the rise of China performed a critical subject in various regional dialogues.