• Australian Society and Culture through Classic Australian Films (2014-2015)

    Wendy L. Bowcher, Zhang Peiwen, Chen Jing, and Wen Suijun
    Funded by the Australia-China Council Australian Studies Competitive Projects
    Amount of Grant: 5,500AUD
    Aim of the Project: This project aims to develop a module of work on Australian society and culture through classic Australian films to be incorporated into the Australian Studies Course at Sun Yat-sen University.
    Collaborating Researchers and Institution in Australia: A/Professor Jane Mills, School of the Arts and Media, University of New South Wales 

  • Exploring Collaboration in Teaching Creative Writing Between Chinese and Australian Universities (2014-2015), Dai Fan

    This project is a step forward from the 2013-2014 project in that the teaching collaboration began with University of Wollongong and Flinders University, which sent 10 students of creative writing to Sun Yat-sen University for 10 days, in Dec. 2014 and April, 2015 respectively. Sun Yat-sen University organized a number of activities related to creative writing for both groups of students, while the Australian students helped Chinese students to revise and edit their work.  

  • The Teaching and Research of Creative Writing in Australia (2013-2014), Dai Fan

    This projects aims to understand how the teaching and research of creative writing is done in Australian universities.

  • Searching for a sense of place: identity negotiation of Chinese in Australia (2013.11-2014.11), Huang Guowen

    Australia-China Council’s 2013-2014 Australian Studies Competitive Projects Program
    Amount of Grant: $ 5,500 

  • Australian Society and Culture – Development of a Liberal Education Course at Sun Yat-sen University

    Chang Chenguang, Dai Fan, Chen Jing, Zhang Peiwen
    Funded by the Australia-China Council Australian Studies Competitive Projects
    Amount of Grant (2011-2012): 5,000AUD
    The aim of this project is to develop an Australian Studies Course as part of the Sun Yat-sen University Liberal Education Programme to be offered every semester to all university students at the university. The project started with two trial classes from the spring semester 2012, and then expanded into four parallel classes and became one of the Sun Yat-sen University Liberal Education Programme courses in Autumn 2012, sufficient to accommodate all applicants for this course now. Through the trial classes and then later as a Liberal Education course of the university, we collected feedbacks from instructors and students as to the course contents and method of instruction and assessment. At the end of September and the beginning of October, two instructors visited an Australian institution to do classroom observations and collected additional teaching materials needed, and compiled a book of readings Australian Society and Culture for this course.