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Useful Links for Australian Studies


2. Professor Ghil'ad Zuckermann and his work on reviving indigenous Australian languages

3. A free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on languagerevival in Australia
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Video clips on reviving Barngarla Aboriginal Language:

An interview with Stolen Generation Barngarla man Howard Richards and his wife Isabel:

An article by Anna Goldsworthy on the Barngarla language reclamation (The Monthly, September 2014):

A blog on Revivalistics, language reclamation and wellbeing:

News items on language revival:

Revival Linguistics (Revivalistics) articles:
(1) 2009: Zuckermann, Ghil‘ad 2009. "Hybridity versus Revivability: Multiple Causation, Forms and Patterns". Journal of Language Contact Varia 2: 40-67.
(2) 2011: Zuckermann, Ghil‘ad & Walsh, Michael 2011."Stop, Revive, Survive!: Lessons from the Hebrew Revival Applicable to the Reclamation, Maintenance and Empowerment of Aboriginal Languages and Cultures". Australian Journal of Linguistics 31: 111-127.
(3) 2012: Zuckermann, Ghil‘ad & Monaghan, Paul 2012. "Revival linguistics and the new media: Talknology in the service of the Barngarla language reclamation", pp. 119-126 of Foundation for Endangered Languages XVI: Language Endangerment in the 21st Century:Globalisation, Technology & New Media. Auckland, New Zealand.
(4) 2014: Zuckermann, Ghil‘ad, Shiori Shakuto-Neoh and Giovanni Matteo Quer 2014. ‘Native Tongue Title: Proposed Compensation for the Loss of Aboriginal Languages’, Australian Aboriginal Studies (AAS) 2014/1: 55-71.

Video News Items on Revivalistics and Native Tongue Title (selection):
(1) Barngarla people rediscover their language:
(2) RADIO Lingua Franca, ABC Radio National,20 October 2012:
(3) Language More Important than Land:

NEWSPAPER Articles on Aboriginal Languages and Langnuage Revival:
(1) Stop, Revive and Survive, The Australian:
(2) Sleeping Languages May Be Lost Forever:
(3) Compensation for Lost Languages:
(4) Aboriginal Languages Deserve Revival:
(5) Australia’s Unspeakable Aboriginal Tragedy:
(6) Language Revival: Sleeping Beauties Awake:
(7) Language revival expert calls for native tongue title:

5. UTS Australian Language and Culture Programme
The UTS Australian Language & Culture Studies Program:

Dr Roslyn Appleby, Coordinator of the Australian Language and Culture Studies Program